Thursday, 20 September 2007

Cabane d'Orny, Valais

This Cabane is beside the glacier of the same name. A CAS cabane with plenty of room - no idea how many beds, my guess would be over 100. It is a stiff 2 hours walk from the Breya chairlift which carries you up from Champex Lac.
A further 1.5 hour takes you to Cabane du Trient overlooking the Plateau du Trient.
Walking on the glacier between the two cabanes does not appear to hold any difficulties - of course, you will need to be roped up, have crampons and ice axe (as well as know how to use them ;-)
The dormitories vary in size between 10 beds to about 20 beds (no i did not count them).
As with many CAS cabanes there is no option for à la carte, but the fixed dinner is hearty with a vegetarian option.
There are no showers and only cold water in the washbasin.

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