Sunday, 2 January 2011

Europa Hut - 027 967 82 78 or 079 291 33 22

This is the only accomodation between Grachen/Gasenried and Täschalp/Ottavan and so is usually fully booked during the peak summer season. Even in September we were initially told that we'd have to sit on mattresses put out on the dining room floor! (luckily there were some cancellations so managed to get bunk beds).

The hut was built in double quick time by the Randa commune (which is almost directly below the hut in the Mattertal valley) about a decade ago. Despite its recent history it's quite cramped (nothing like the new Cabane de Moiry that i've raved about in a previous blog). It has 42 beds in 1 room with 4 beds, 3 rooms with 6 beds and a dormitory with 20 beds. This last one is definitely not to be recommended - the bunk beds are so tightly squeezed together they touch each other. This means chances of undisturbed sleep is pretty remote - there will always be snorers, or those who get to bed late or leave early in the morning.

These are the rates for the past season (2010)

Dormitoryin room
Accommodation without mealsSFr. 25 -SFr. 30th -
Bed and breakfastSFr. 35 -SFr. 40th -
Accommodation with half boardSFr. 55, -SFr. 60, -

More details about the Europa Way and Hut can be found at:

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  1. That's a nice looking hut. It sure can provide you shade and warmth all day.