Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Haute Route: St. Niklaus to Gasenreid

The day we were meant to cross the Augustbord Pass turned out to be the worst day of the hike - heavy grey clouds, light rain, zero visibility - we didn't think the crossing would be much fun in such circumstances. As I've already crossed the pass a couple of times i was easy as the group consensus came round to skipping the pass and re-joining the route at St.Niklaus

Courtesy of the very efficient Swiss public transport system that involved one mini-van ride (down the Turtmann valley), a cable car ride (down to the main Rhone valley), a short hike and then a train ride to Visp followed by a connecting train to St.Niklaus, we were ready to start this part of the hike around lunch time. Most visitors only catch fleeting glimpses of this historic old village as they pass through on the train up to Zermatt, we fortunately had time on our hands for a leisurely wander-around - this took all of about 20 minutes!

There is not much to write about the hike - it takes about 2.5 hours and seems to be going straight up the hill!

When we set off from St. Niklaus there were rays of sunlight peaking through the clouds, but these soon disappeared and for the rest of the walk if it wasn't raining, it was drizzling or about to rain. The only others living things we saw on the uphill plod were these rather cute looking goats.

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