Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cabane de Prafleuri - 027281 1780

The Cabane is privately owned and when we turned up were celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the new Cabane. On my previous visit i had stayed in the old building which had originally been built to house workers building the Grand Dixence dam (the long brown building to the right in the picture below).

We could hear the festive atmosphere as we descended down from the col (though it did sound like someone was trying to play the trumpet for the first time!). In the evening there was accordian, cello and dancing in the dinning hall - fortunately sound insulation was good ;-)

Dorms consisted of a number of 6 bedded-rooms, as well as larger rooms. A particular feature of the dorms were the height of the bunk beds - the one we slept in were a 3 level skyscrapers which were particularly difficult to get into and out off - unless you dropped out! Toilet facilities included 2 pay-showers (CHF 5 for 3 mins), 2 toilets and 4 wash basins.

Demi-pension (half board) was CHF 61.00

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