Sunday, 28 March 2010

Snow Shoeing above St. Cergue, Vaud.

This is the view of the Alps from Vieux-Château above St. Cergue. There isn't actually a chateau at the viewpoint! Nonetheless the walk up to it and view is very rewarding - the trail starts at the west end of the village from the Route de St.Cergue.

We continued from the Vieux Chateau to Guinfard and wandered up the path towards La Givrine. There are plenty of trails in the area. You can't really get lost, but just in case, go right or head downwards and you'll come eventually come to the rail line or the village!

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For further information about hikes in the St. Cergue visit the Tourist Office (Office du Tourisme) at Place Sy-Vieuxville in the centre of the village or at You can also call them on 022 360 1314

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