Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Winter hikes - Snowshoeing around Les Diablerets

The stunning view from above Col du Pilon. We had taken a navette (free bus) up to the Col from Les Diablerets (they run every 30 minutes at peak times) starting from the railway station.

The hike starts just to the south of the Glacier 3000 cable car station and is a wide, well groomed track through the trees. It's so well packed that one doesn't need snow shoes to get up to Isenau - bit boring for those who like to play around in the deeper stuff like myself! This is a gentle uphill walk of just under 2 hours.

The weather was beautiful - crystal clear blue skies, the scenery was stunning - snow dappled firs and jagged cliff faces and peaks, and all shared with a bare handful of people. What more can one ask for??

Isenau (ski lift terminal and restaurant) itself is a mad-house at lunch time with skiers and snowboarders of all shapes and sizes vying for tables and chairs. The hassle and noise is all forgotten once you are out of there and heading back down towards Les Diablerets.

We took the Les CrĂȘtes route back down which started off beside the pistes (ski runs) losing the ski runs as they dropped off on either side of the ridge line. This route was much more fun (deeper snow) and just as beautiful. We took under 2 hours to reach Les Diablerets.

Details of all the hikes in the area and a map can be found at:
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