Friday, 16 October 2009

Weekend hike: Gasterntal

Gasterntal is a small hidden valley just to the south of Kandersteg. To reach it head south to the Sunnbuel cable car station from where a footpath squeezes through a narrow gorge before reaching the rough toll road. The path follows a stream until the valley opens up to a wonderful panorama of the numerous other 'Horns' (summits) lining the valley on three sides. This is what the geographer in me recognises as a 'U'-shape valley. The path meanders past the historic Hotel Waldhus besides a braiding river, through some ancient looking forests until it finally reaches Selden, the only settlement in the valley. It takes about 3 hours to reach here from Kandersteg.

We stayed at the Hotel Steinbock (site in German and English). There is also Hotel Gasterntal (site in German).

The feeling of being deep in the embrace of the mountains was a soothing balm to the spirits.

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