Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weekend Hike: La Sage to Cabane de Moiry

The day is starting to get hot....and we still have not reached Col de Torrent - a few more hours at least! View of Grand Dent de Veisivi.

Col de Torrent - the views are splendid - all jagged peaks (Grand Cornier to the left - i believe!).

Is there artifical colouring in that lake? The turquoise Lac de Moiry.

On the route up to the Cabane - it is still another hour till we can rest our wary legs.


This was a very long day - luckily in wonderful sunny weather (it really would have be miserable if it had been rainy).

We followed the description in the Kev Reynolds 'Haute Route' guide book which suggests going over the Col de Torrent from Val d'Herence to Val de Moiry (Stage 9). Not the best idea, it would have been shorter to go over the Col de Tsate with arguably as good a view of the mountain peaks to the south.

Our second mistake was to take the Haut Tour du Lac route at the 2,500 meter contour from Alpage du Torrent to Lac de la Bayenna - that added an extra 1.5 hours to the day - just go straight down towards the Lake.

The killer is, of course, the final climb upto the Cabane which is well described in this post.

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